Google Adsense Accounts Types

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Hi now i am going to share with yours some secrets of google adsense accounts types.

According of google,google provides 2 types accounts which is HOSTED ACCOUNT & NON HOSTED ACCOUNT.But who people are selling google adsense accounts they created 1 more type which is admob account.  We will know in ditails about these all accounts types below.


1.HOSTED ACCOUNT= Hosted account we can use only for limited websites like you tube and google gives in this accounts holders only 58% commission share and get this account it,s too easy just sing up on youtube and upload video and get approval of adsense account .so don,t pay for hosted account only buy fully approved non hosted account.

2.NON HOSTED ACCOUNT= This account is 100% genuine account because this account holders google gives 68% commission and the best part of this account you can use it on your websites & blogs and make money lots of with this account.onlt buy adsense account.

3. ADMOB ACCOUNT =The account category created by seller not google because when we applied for approval so more time when websites quality not good so google don,t review the applied website so in this situation seller use admob and get approval  and this account they sell in low price so i would like to recommended you that don,t buy admob account for save your little amount because the account you may lost in the month. for check your account is admob used and just go in your adsense account setting and  go in information and check if there is showing ADMOB that is means you account approved by only buy fully approvd account not admob.


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